BLK Celebration 2019 Performer – Vale Anoa’i

Vale Anoa’i


Vale Anoa’i

The creative spark in many of our performance guests often manifests in multiple forms. Vale Anoa’i is a bellydancer, actress, author, special education teacher assistant, certified intuitive healer, pro Wrestling company agent, and artist.
For those keeping score, she is also Taurus with a Libra Moon and Gemini Ascendant.

Vale 2

At our “GODLIKE” show on Nov 2nd, Vale will portray the Hawaiian fire goddess Pele in her “The Passion of Pele” performance. This will be done in solidarity with the people of Hawaii, as their sacred site of Mauna Kea is under threat of unwanted development.

Tūtū Pele, the Earth-Eating woman, is the passionate goddess of volcanoes who, can hear the beats of drums and chants from her followers. You should take care to please her, as she can create and destroy in a thought.

Please view and purchase Vale’s art at –

Those interested in participating in a more aggressive art may find a home with Vale’s family business at –

Vale 3




GODLIKE Returns!!!

At BLK Celebration 2019, divinity will once again hit the stage with the light of 1000 suns, as our “GODLIKE” show is resurrected. Movement artists will draw upon mythology, history, fiction and personal esoteric experiences to invoke and evoke through their dance performances.

BLK Celebration will be held this Nov 1 & 2 in Orlando, FL at the ME Theatre
There are a variety of tickets available from $15-$500
Nov 1st – Lectures to stimulate the heart and soul.
Nov 2nd – “GODLIKE” – An evening of evocative entertainment.
On both days, there will be artists and vendors present, as well as a selling exhibition of Michael Bertiaux‘s work.

Tickets on sale NOW at –

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BLK Celebration 2019 Performer – Kindle Cimmerian

Kindle BLK19 4

Kindle Cimmerian in a Swamp Thing adaptation even Alan Moore could love


Kindle will be performing at various times throughout BLK Celebration weekend, including a very special performance in collaboration with Caroline Wise during the November 2nd “GODLIKE” show

Kindle BLK19 2

“I am not the fuel nor fire, but the spark. The darkness in light and a light in the dark”

A founding member Black Lotus Kult, Kindle utilizes many different styles to celebrate the spiritual, sensual and unusual through her art, with a primary focus on dance and movement.

Kindle performs at events coast-to-coast, and offers lessons in Central FL, including regular classes in the DATURA STYLE™ at Florida Tribal Dance in Orlando, FL

Her formal instruction in modern belly dance includes:

Successfully completing:

Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase I Initiation with Recognition July 2012
Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase II Cultivation with Recognition July 2013
Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase III Culmination with Certification October 2015
Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase IV Transmission with Teacher’s Certification November 2016

Zoe Jakes Format DanceCraft Graduation of Key of Diamonds May 2018
Zoe Jakes Format DanceCraft Graduation of Key of Spades May 2019

FatChanceBellyDance American Tribal Style® General Skills Classic October 2017

In Progress:

Level 1 & 2 in UNMATA ITS– Studying under Dahlia Moon (Seattle WA), Kari Unmata (Sacramento CA), and Amy Sigil (Sacramento CA)

Countless classes and intensive workshops with the likes of:
Zoe Jakes
Sherri Wheatley
Mardi Love
Colleena Shakti
Ashley Lopez
Kami Liddle
Travis Jarrell
Monica Cooley (Bharatanatyam)
Lacey Sanchez

Former troupes and projects:

Aeonium, Orlando FL
Silver Sage, Orlando FL
Cabaret Noir Collective, Nashville TN
Roots of Belly Dance, Nashville TN
Rebel Belly Productions, Seattle WA
Danse Carouselle, Seattle WA (guest dancer)
Bellyesque Menangerie, Seattle WA
Sada Fuego, Sacramento CA
Solaris Fire Troupe, Morgantown WV

Kindle BLK 5

Kindle Cimmerian listening to In Death It Ends after an occult radionics exercise.

This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details on the “GODLIKE” Performance evening, click HERE

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BLK Celebration 2019 – Caroline Wise Returns!

Caroline Wise provided many highlights of last year’s Chicago BLK Celebration. It is our honour to have her back for BLK Celebration 2019

Caroline Wise 


Finding the Deer Mother in the Cults of the Shadows


Much of the light that has been cast on the mysteries of the goddess Elen of the Ways has come from the research of Caroline Wise. In this talk, she will inform and involve the audience while delving into animal masks and forms that cloak our earliest deities, following the deer goddess across the earth and sky, with her allies and foes.


Caroline inaugurated the re-publishing of Kenneth’s Grant‘s books in the late 1980s which paved the way for his the unpublished works to see the light. She has been an occult bookshop owner, a psychic quester, and priestess of the goddess, who has contributed to several books – on goddesses, on Florence Farr, and on Legendary London. She compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, about the forgotten deer goddesses.

In providing information regarding this posting, she also mentioned that she is “rather fond of The Black Lotus Kult“.

We love you too Caroline!

In a collaboration with Black Lotus KultKindle Cimmerian and Caroline have created a special illustrative performance to accompany this talk to bring the Goddess into the room.

Kindle Elen II

This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details, please click HERE

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BLK Celebration 2019 – Dr Chris Giudice presents “And the Phoenix is Reborn: Some Historical Notes on The Process Church of the Final Judgment”

We are excited to announce a presentation for BLK Celebration 2019

Dr. Chris Giudice

will deliver

“And the Phoenix is Reborn: Some Historical Notes on The Process Church of the Final Judgment”

“CHRIST said: Love your enemies.
CHRIST’s Enemy was SATAN
and SATAN’s Enemy was CHRIST.
Through Love enmity is destroyed.”

Robert de Grimston

Process cross
What had begun as a small self-psychotherapy group in the heart of swinging 60s London, turned out, in time to be one of the most influential new religious movements: the literature on the Process is increasing year by year, and the influence of Robert and Mary Ann de Grimston’s creation has influenced fringe culture in a massive way, from Psychick TV to Sabbath Assembly, from the New Processean Order to reprints of de Grimston’s most popular books. Turn on, tune in, drop out: in this lecture, Chris Giudice will provide a historical overview of the Process’s development, from Scientology splinter group to Animal Shelter NGO, from the psychedelic 60s to the burn-out experienced in the 70s. The four archetypes of Jehovah, Jesus, Satan and Lucifer will be analysed and explained, as will the different shock tactics employed by the Process to draw more followers in their ranks.

Dr Chris Giudice is an independent scholar, who has lectured widely on subjects ranging from 19th and 20th century occultism, to psychedelic new religious movements, to occultism in politics and avant-garde cinema.
Having obtained a BA in Classics from the University of Oxford, he went on to achieve an MA in Western esotericism at the University of Exeter and a PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Gothenburg.
For ten years he was the lead singer of eso-neofolk band The Green Man, publishing 3 albums and 1 ep and touring extensively across Europe. He is now leader of the industrial project Rosy Cross & the Children of Ra Hoor Khuit and is working on his debut album.
Chris is a member of La Société Voudon Gnostique, and is currently working on a volume on Ludwig Klages’s Lebensphiosophie in relation to JJ Bachofen’s concept of Matriarchy (Mutterecht), and its possible practical applications.

This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details, please click HERE

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BLK Celebration 2019 – Vadge Moore!!!!

There is a hurricane headed towards Vadge Moore presently, but have no fear… he is a Typhonian God!!!

Depending on the stars and the winds, Vadge intends to present a lecture at this year’s BLK Celebration. Please follow this page, and our Facebook event page for details as they develop.

Vadge 2012

Vadge Moore’s musical career started in the Bay-area music scene in the 1980’s. This eventually led to his joining The Dwarves in 1988.

Vadge started creating art to express his other literary and esoteric interests via his Chthonic Force project. CF saw collaborations with cultural architects Monte Cazazza and Boyd Rice, as well as other figures who balance entertainment with controversy such as Thomas Thorn and Peter Sotos.

vadge page

This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details, please click HERE

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BLK Celebration 2019 – Charlie Martineau presents “Electric Buzzing of Insects: An Introductory Perspective on Sound and Ritual through the use of Synthesizers”

We are very proud to announce our first speaker at this year’s BLK Celebration

Charlie Martineau 


“Electric Buzzing of Insects: An Introductory Perspective on Sound and Ritual through the use of Synthesizers”

Charlie 1

Charlie will present his personal history of discovering that sound/recorded “music” could be a tap into alternate states of consciousness. He will give examples of how he used the recordings of others as a basis for his ritual work. Building on this, Charlies then moved into producing his on ritualistic music.

charlie 2.5Charlie Martineau is an artist, musician and occultist currently residing in Oregon. Under the moniker “Esperik Glare“, he has performed and recorded music since 2004. His current focus in in the exploration of the works of Michael Bertiaux, and in expanding the Esperik Glare Sound Lab to work harmoniously with his occult practices. He has been collaborating (sonically, and otherwise) with Black Lotus Kult for the last three years, and may perform live as part of BLK this year, if the stars align.

This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details, please click HERE

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Elen of the Ways at BLK Celebration!

Our first BLK Celebration 2019 content preview is the announcement that Caroline Wise and Kindle Cimmerian are currently collaborating on a very special presentation regarding –

Elen, the Goddess of the Ways.

Kindle Elen II

Those of you who have seen Kindle’s work still have dropped jaws, and those who witnessed Caroline’s presentation at BLK Celebration Chicago are still wiping your tears and trying to slow your heart.

These two Forces of Nature combined will either destroy you or bring light into your heart.

Either, way… be there!

More to come soon.

Please follow here, as well as

to see the latest on this happening.

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