Occult of Personality Interview

Happy Easter from Black Lotus Kult!

It seems a bunny put a new interview in your basket this year…

Read about the “Occult of Personality” podcast/webpage and the man behind it, Greg Kaminsky. To view this, please click in the “interviews” tab or click here –



New Interview Sunday

A couple updates…

Interviews – We will post a new interview Sunday. You may expect new interviews roughly quarterly on Holy dates through the rest of the year.

Swag – BLK “Motorcycle Cult” T-Shirts went on sale at performances last month. They will be made available soon on the BLK Library Facebook page  www.facebook.com/BLKLibrary. Stock is VERY limited, and a portion of online sales will be donated to Seattle Humane.

Performance – Kindle will be performing at Cues and Tattoos as part of the Serpents Muse show on Saturday March 30th. There will be many amazing performances all weekend, as well as shopping and… tattoos!!!! See the Cues and Tattoos webpage for more info www.troupehipnotica.com/cues/