Brian Butler Performs Aleister Crowley’s “The Bartzabel Working”

We had the privilege of meeting artist Brian Butler at the 2011 Esoteric Book Conference, and again as he came back to town to curate a film festival. Whether it be his evocative films or the ceremonial music performances of Technicolor Skull (w/Brian on guitar/electronics, and the legendary Kenneth Anger managing the theremin and visuals), Brian’s vision and execution is stunning. He should be on your list of artists to watch moving forward.

Earlier this month, Brian and friends conducted a public performance of Aleister Crowley’s The Bartzabel Working. This ritual evocation of Mars entered both occult and tabloid history as it was performed by Jack Parsons as a curse on Church of Scientology-founder L. Ron Hubbard (If you are unaware of the story behind this, and the dawning of the Babalon Current, you need to hit the library.)

Bartzabel Working by Brian Butler from Brian Butler on Vimeo.

Here are some great photos of the ritual, captured by Luke Gilford –

Photo from The Bartzabel Working by Luke Gilford

Photo from The Bartzabel Working by Luke Gilford

Tonight in Seattle

Skinny Dip Dec 2012

Kindle and other friends from Black Lotus Kult will take the stage at this evening’s Skinny Dip show at the High Dive. The show’s theme is “The Den of Iniquity”. In case that is not a good enough clue, their literature promoting the evening states “It’s not a family show” (I guess that would depend on the family though).

Although our performances are mostly ritualized with esoteric significance, this one will be “just for fun”.