The 8 ELEMENTS™ of Belly Dance

Having worked through many systems of artistic movement, we can safely declare Rachel Brice’s  8 Elements™ approach as a superior method to elucidate the key concepts of modern belly dance.

Kindle Cimmerian of Black Lotus Kult is proud to have received a Teaching Certification in this Datura Style™ approach.

She encourages those drawn to this art to consider this method in both their movement, and their spiritual practices.

Please view the following video (which includes scenes of Kindle) for more information…

“The 8 Elements™ approach encompasses biomechanics, vocabulary development, improvisation, choreography, musicality, practice development, tribal belly dance history, costuming, and performance preparation and experience.”

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day from your favourite LOVE KULT!


The Black Lotus Kult "LOVE KULT" design by Hagen von Tulien

The Black Lotus Kult “LOVE KULT” design by Hagen von Tulien

We are hard at work this year with new music, writing and performances all in the works, and a some interviews thrown in for good measure.

In the meantime, we wanted to stop to tell you that we love you.

To death.


LOVE 2.0

After a last-second call to fill in at January’s Alauda show at the Skylark West Seattle (where she performed to the Soulsavers “Paper Money“), Kindle’s next big performance will be at the second run of the Crazy Little Thing Called Love show…

Promising to take you “From the darkest depths of betrayal to the highest highs of a new romance”, Rebel Belly Productions‘ ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ is hitting the stage for a second run this weekend at the Columbia City Theater. Kindle of Black Lotus Kult will be performing to the music of COIL, The Magnetic Fields, and Elliott Smith. In the first run, she wowed the audience with two distinct sets in the two acts, with many onlookers not realizing they were witnessing the same performer. See her, and many other incredibly talented performers THIS SUNDAY!

Performances by:
Elizabeth Dennis, Katana, Kat Ross, Kindle Cimmerian, Maysun Riya, Medea, Monica Schierbaum, Muna Rain, Shimmy Sister Kate, Sierra Bloom, Somni (Letty Limbach & Sarah Kate Moore), Vibha Srinivasan, and Wisteria

More info on the event Facebook page HERE

Tickets on Brown Paper Tickets site HERE

This Show Will Break Your Heart…

Rebel Belly Productions presents “That Crazy Little Thing Called Love” this Saturday at Columbia City Theater.

“Explore the many faces of love with
us, as we bring you into the deepest depths of the darker side of love
and then back into the lighter side of a love triumphant
through the magic and movement of dance.

Featuring belly dance, burlesque,
bollywood, modern dance and other delicious performances
by several of your favorite performers!”

Starring: Aaminah & Chris of Anwaar, Angela Silling, Copper Clock, Fosse Jack, Katana, Kindle, Letty Limbach, Master Xenagogue, Medea, Monica Schierbaum, Muna, Sarah Kate Moore, Shula Azhar & Tata Hari!

Tickets and info at

Saturday, May 4, 2013
$15 adv – $18 day of / 8:30pm / 21+

The show will be split into two acts, illustrating the “light” and “dark” sides of love.

Kindle of Black Lotus Kult will be performing in both, to the music of COIL, Elliott Smith, The Magnetic Fields and Emilie Autumn.


Tonight in Seattle

Skinny Dip Dec 2012

Kindle and other friends from Black Lotus Kult will take the stage at this evening’s Skinny Dip show at the High Dive. The show’s theme is “The Den of Iniquity”. In case that is not a good enough clue, their literature promoting the evening states “It’s not a family show” (I guess that would depend on the family though).

Although our performances are mostly ritualized with esoteric significance, this one will be “just for fun”.