BLK Celebration 2019 Performer – Danielle Boots presents ISIS!

At BLK Celebration’s 2019’s GODLIKE show,

Danielle Boots

will bring us

The Mother Goddess Isis


Isis has made an appearance at every Black Lotus Kult performance, most recently at BLK Celebration 2018 in Chicago. Kindle Cimmerian’s performance helped illustrate Caroline Wise’s talk “The Blood Red Cord of Isis” (which caused a stir with the TSA, until the Goddess let them know that it was OK).

We are very excited to announce that the Isis-tradition continues through the skills of the lovely and talented Danielle Boots.

In reflecting about Isis, Danielle shared the following,

“She is the epitome of the divine feminine. She is the Protector. She is the Nurturer. She is the lover. She is the strong. She is the wise.  She is the Goddess Isis!”


Danielle Boots is a diverse dancer who has been dancing in the Central Florida area for the past 9 years. She loves the beauty, flow and grace of oriental dance, and the strong, luscious fluidity of tribal fusion. Both styles consume her heart whenever she dances. Danielle aims to capture your heart with her performance at GODLIKE – An Evocative Evening, inspired by the Mother, Lover, Protector, Healer – the Goddess Isis.



GODLIKE Returns!!!

At BLK Celebration 2019, divinity will once again hit the stage with the light of 1000 suns, as our “GODLIKE” show is resurrected. Movement artists will draw upon mythology, history, fiction and personal esoteric experiences to invoke and evoke through their dance performances.

BLK Celebration will be held this Nov 1 & 2 in Orlando, FL at the ME Theatre
There are a variety of tickets available from $15-$500
Nov 1st – Lectures to stimulate the heart and soul.
Nov 2nd – “GODLIKE” – An evening of evocative entertainment.
On both days, there will be artists and vendors present, as well as a selling exhibition of Michael Bertiaux‘s work.

Tickets on sale NOW at –

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