This Show Will Break Your Heart…

Rebel Belly Productions presents “That Crazy Little Thing Called Love” this Saturday at Columbia City Theater.

“Explore the many faces of love with
us, as we bring you into the deepest depths of the darker side of love
and then back into the lighter side of a love triumphant
through the magic and movement of dance.

Featuring belly dance, burlesque,
bollywood, modern dance and other delicious performances
by several of your favorite performers!”

Starring: Aaminah & Chris of Anwaar, Angela Silling, Copper Clock, Fosse Jack, Katana, Kindle, Letty Limbach, Master Xenagogue, Medea, Monica Schierbaum, Muna, Sarah Kate Moore, Shula Azhar & Tata Hari!

Tickets and info at

Saturday, May 4, 2013
$15 adv – $18 day of / 8:30pm / 21+

The show will be split into two acts, illustrating the “light” and “dark” sides of love.

Kindle of Black Lotus Kult will be performing in both, to the music of COIL, Elliott Smith, The Magnetic Fields and Emilie Autumn.