BLK Celebration 2018 Review


In 2018, our annual BLK Celebration, was held at various location in Chicago, IL. Please see our homepage for further details on each of these events;

Friday 14 Dec – The Occult Bookstore’s Centennial celebration at The Occult Bookstore. Presented my The Occult Bookstore, Starfire Publishing and Black Lotus Kult

     *Into – “London Calling” by Ariock Van de Voorde

     *Talk – Michael Staley speaks about Servants of the Star & the Snake

     *Book Launch – The North American launch of Servants of the Star & the Snake with a book signing with contributors Michael Bertiaux, Michael Staley and Martin Starr.

     *Entertainment – Performances by Marcus Broderick Montgomery and Kindle Cimmerian

     *Q&A – An informative session with Michael Bertiaux, Starfire Publishing and Black Lotus Kult


Saturday 15 Dec – BLK Celebration Lecture Series at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Presented by Black Lotus Kult the Hyde Park Lodge. Featuring: 

     *Ariock Van de Voorde presents “Chaud-Town”

     *Zalmat Bernstein presents “The Black Pilgrimage of the Lovecraftian Coven”

     *Sashah Ruge presents “Lovecraftian Mythos in the the Voudon Gnostic Universe: An introductory look into Bertiaux’s Lovecraftian Coven”

     *J.F. Marc des Jardins presents “The Tibetan Bon Tradition and the Zothyrian Bonpos”

     *Steven Slane Intermill presents “A Witchcraft Museum of Yesterday & Today”

     *Caroline Wise presents “The Blood Red Cord of Isis”

     *Caroline Wise presents “Nuit, Isis and the Nu-Isis Lodge”

     *Michael Bertiuax and Martin Starr present “The Occult History of Chicago”

     *Michael Staley presents “Kenneth Grant’s New Isis Lodge”

     *After-show fellowship at the Congress Plaza Bar


Sunday 16 Dec – A meeting of the Synod of Bishops of Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis

     *Private event.

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