BLK Celebration 2022 featured performer – Kindle Cimmerian

Our annual Black Lotus Kult Celebration will return this 5, Nov in London, where we will proudly present

One Beyond Ten

A Celebration of the works of Kenneth and Steffi Grant

At BLK Celebration 2022, Kindle Cimmerian will be one of our featured performers.

From her opening rituals to her solo and group performances, as well as collaborations to illustrate the lectures of Caroline Wise and Michael Staley at previous events, Kindle has enchanted BLK Celebration attendees from the start of these gatherings. She will bring the usual beauty, grace, and attention to “hidden” details for those who see to multiple performances at our London event.

Kindle Cimmerian consistently studies and expands her repertoire, always demanding more from herself while commanding the attention of her audience. She holds teaching certifications in the 8 Elements of Belly Dance, studying under Rachel Brice and the Dancecraft system under Zoe Jakes. She has learned various forms of folk dances, with extensive work within classical Indian, and Romany dances. Knowing the roots of these artforms (where they come from, why, and meanings of the steps) are just as important to Kindle as the technique itself. She prides herself in her continuing education of movement.

To book performances, classes and workshops with Kindle, please click HERE

We will converge on 5 November in Camden Town for an evening of discussions on aspects of and experiences with the Typhonian Current.

Due to venue considerations, the event’s location will not be published, and will be sent to those wishing to attend as demand or space allows. Please send an email to for specifics if you wish to attend.

Starfire is republishing the Typhonian Trilogies, and you can find those currently available HERE

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