Places to go, things to see…

Other places to find us –


Hagen von Tulien’s artist page –

Kindle of Black Lotus Kult is an 8 Elements™ Certified Instructor, under the tutelage of the amazing Rachel Brice –  Also take a look inside Rachel’s bellydance studio, parlour and yoga space at –

Fulgur Esoterica – for over 20 years, a publisher of fine press esoteric titles – They’ve made truly some of the best-produced and most intriguing titles on our shelves.

Starfire Publishing – Publisher of titles with focus upon the Draconian or Typhonian tradition – – Also on Facebook at; Starfire has been taking Thelema beyond Aleister Crowley for over 25 years.

Three Hands Press – a sister publishing house of Xoanon Publishing. Their living books are taking up a large section of our shelves and do not sit long enough to attract dust  –

God save the Queen and God bless Vadge –

Primal Grimoire, a forum devoted to Typhonian Mysteries –

Peer behind the veil… –

Labirinto Stellare – Key esoteric texts in Italian –

S.V.G – The official homepage of La Société Voudon Gnostique –

We’re known to haunt the forums here –

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