Rooster Baby Contest

Kindle of Black Lotus Kult is in a contest with Rooster Baby.

To win, she needs two things;

1) To create a photo that “blows people away” [done],


2) Your vote!

So your mission is to click on this link –

and hit the “Like” button on her pic.

This was one of a series of photos taken in the BLK Temple of Love that we will publish after the completion of the contest along with a limited edition text (including related ritual instructions).

Nude witches, wine and Sisters of Mercy references

We spent the last 24 hours in a photo-shoot in the BLK “Temple of Love”, where we found the appropriate amount of wine (lots) and clothes (not lots) to fit the occasion. More info soon.

Until then…

“Life is short and love is always over in the morning”