BLK Celebration 2019 Performers – Misha & the ShimmyBoom Tribe present HECATE

At BLK Celebration’s 2019’s GODLIKE show,

Misha & the ShimmyBoom Tribe

will bring us

Hecate – Maiden, Mother, and Crone


“In our dance we honor Hecate, for her bright shining light even in the darkest of times, her wisdom to embrace change, and her magical and mystical ways. Hecate reminds us to change and embrace transitions, don’t worry about the dust, or what others think of you, do the things you’ve always wanted to do, for you, embrace the changes that come with aging and be grateful you can still dance through life.

While our invocation of this Goddess honors her Greek form, she is a power that has been known to many cultures throughout the ages. She is the guardian of the crossroads, the woman who is both wise and wondering, shifting through all aspects of a woman’s journey. She is the dark Queen of Witches, Goddess of the Moon, and a guide in the Underworld, supporting other women, in the form of Persephone, even in the darkest of times. Her magic is legendary, and she has one foot in this world and one in the next as she has dominion over ghosts and spirits.”




Misha is the Director for Shimmyboom and Caravan Project Sarasota and teaches both regular classes and professional dance certifications in the Sarasota/Bradenton area as well as worldwide. She is a Priestess of the Sacred Earth, an Elemental Enchantress who speaks the ancient language of flowers and foxes, both in dance and visual art, to help people connect deeply with nature and find their wild souls. She combines her training in Shamanic energy work and storytelling together with over a decade of deep study in multiple forms of bellydance to create dances rich in movement, texture, and lore.

Misha will bring her ShimmyBoom Tribe to dance for us from Sarasota, Florida. This group of dancers of all ages and backgrounds gathers together to perform their own special sassy and spirited brand of improvisational tribal bellydance in the Gypsy Caravan format. Together they “speak” an intricate dance language that, once learned, allows dancers to communicate in the moment and improvise to the music, creating a beautiful dance that flows from the heart. Tribal bellydance is rooted in many different dance forms; watch closely and you will see familiar moves of bellydance along with inspiration from Flamenco and other world dances.




GODLIKE Returns!!!

At BLK Celebration 2019, divinity will once again hit the stage with the light of 1000 suns, as our “GODLIKE” show is resurrected. Movement artists will draw upon mythology, history, fiction and personal esoteric experiences to invoke and evoke through their dance performances.

BLK Celebration will be held this Nov 1 & 2 in Orlando, FL at the ME Theatre
There are a variety of tickets available from $15-$500
Nov 1st – Lectures to stimulate the heart and soul.
Nov 2nd – “GODLIKE” – An evening of evocative entertainment.
On both days, there will be artists and vendors present, as well as a selling exhibition of Michael Bertiaux‘s work.

Tickets on sale NOW at –

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