BLK Celebration 2022 featured performer – Rachael Redfern

Our annual Black Lotus Kult Celebration will return this 5, Nov in London, where we will proudly present

One Beyond Ten

A Celebration of the works of Kenneth and Steffi Grant

At BLK Celebration 2022, Rachael Redfern will be one of our featured performers.

Rachael Redfern is an internationally acclaimed Fusion Bellydancer based in London, UK. Teaching and performing professionally full time, she is known for her precise technique and distinctive style influenced by dark vintage aesthetics.
She will perform solo and alongside her troupe Verbeia, named after the English aquatic goddess depicted holding two serpents and whose etymology is thought to mean “she who is constantly bending and turning”

To book performances, classes and workshops with Rachael, please click HERE

We will converge on 5 November in Camden Town for an evening of stimulating discussions and evocative performances. 

Due to venue considerations, the event’s location will not be published, and will be sent to those wishing to attend as demand or space allows. Please send an email to for specifics if you wish to attend.

Starfire is republishing the Typhonian Trilogies, and you can find those currently available HERE

BLK Celebration 2019 Performer – Kindle Cimmerian

Kindle BLK19 4

Kindle Cimmerian in a Swamp Thing adaptation even Alan Moore could love


Kindle will be performing at various times throughout BLK Celebration weekend, including a very special performance in collaboration with Caroline Wise during the November 2nd “GODLIKE” show

Kindle BLK19 2

“I am not the fuel nor fire, but the spark. The darkness in light and a light in the dark”

A founding member Black Lotus Kult, Kindle utilizes many different styles to celebrate the spiritual, sensual and unusual through her art, with a primary focus on dance and movement.

Kindle performs at events coast-to-coast, and offers lessons in Central FL, including regular classes in the DATURA STYLE™ at Florida Tribal Dance in Orlando, FL

Her formal instruction in modern belly dance includes:

Successfully completing:

Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase I Initiation with Recognition July 2012
Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase II Cultivation with Recognition July 2013
Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase III Culmination with Certification October 2015
Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase IV Transmission with Teacher’s Certification November 2016

Zoe Jakes Format DanceCraft Graduation of Key of Diamonds May 2018
Zoe Jakes Format DanceCraft Graduation of Key of Spades May 2019

FatChanceBellyDance American Tribal Style® General Skills Classic October 2017

In Progress:

Level 1 & 2 in UNMATA ITS– Studying under Dahlia Moon (Seattle WA), Kari Unmata (Sacramento CA), and Amy Sigil (Sacramento CA)

Countless classes and intensive workshops with the likes of:
Zoe Jakes
Sherri Wheatley
Mardi Love
Colleena Shakti
Ashley Lopez
Kami Liddle
Travis Jarrell
Monica Cooley (Bharatanatyam)
Lacey Sanchez

Former troupes and projects:

Aeonium, Orlando FL
Silver Sage, Orlando FL
Cabaret Noir Collective, Nashville TN
Roots of Belly Dance, Nashville TN
Rebel Belly Productions, Seattle WA
Danse Carouselle, Seattle WA (guest dancer)
Bellyesque Menangerie, Seattle WA
Sada Fuego, Sacramento CA
Solaris Fire Troupe, Morgantown WV

Kindle BLK 5

Kindle Cimmerian listening to In Death It Ends after an occult radionics exercise.

This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details on the “GODLIKE” Performance evening, click HERE

Tickets on sale NOW at –