BLK Celebration 2019 – Sashah Ruge presents “The Mechanics of Magic – Magical Machines Throughout Occult History”

At BLK Celebration 2019

Sashah Ruge

will present

“The Mechanics of Magic – Magical Machines Throughout Occult History”


Throughout the ages, select individuals have chosen to look deeply in to those aspects of our world that remain hidden, to more deeply understand how we affect change in this world beyond the standard mode of the masses. These individuals can see the connections between the physical realm and the spiritual, and through contact with the spirits these individuals have developed tools in our world that aid in the affecting of the world of spirit, and spiritual tools to affect our physical realm. These individuals are the Magicians, or the Mechanics of Magic. During this discussion, we will learn of many different types of magical machines created through the course of our vibrant occult history, from the sympathetic magics of ancient shamans, the curse tablets and other magica materia of the PGM, magical machines in the grimoire tradition, beginning with “Picatrix mechanix”, or the art of dialing in the perfect astrological elections to empower talismans. We will also discuss the concept of Art as a magical machine, specifically the multidimensional machines in the work of Michael Bertiaux. The discussion will conclude with a presentation of several examples of magical machines from the authors’ collection including a new device created specifically for this discussion.


Sashah Ruge is an artist, professional chef, and student of magic and the occult for over 30 years, with a particular interest in spirit communication and work via the grimoire traditions, LHP philosophy and magical techniques, both traditional Haitian Vodou and Esoteric Voudon, as well as a strong focus on the utilization of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos in a mix of ceremonial magic and shamanism that has led Sashah to become the directing force within the Lovecraftian coven mentioned in Bertiaux’s writings. Sashah was consecrated as a Gnostic bishop by Michael Bertiaux and acts as Head of the Transyuggothian Brotherhood of Shamans, Aiding others in the quests of spirit contact from those outside our traditional spiritual boarders.


This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details, please click HERE

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