BLK Celebration 2019 – Vadge Moore presents “The Thelemic Ordeals”

At BLK Celebration 2019

Vadge Moore

will present

“The Thelemic Ordeals”


Vadge Moore (photo by Justin Larwick/Larwick Photography)


The Ordeals are described in Liber AL vel Legis, and are given greater detail in James Beck’s Book of Codes (by way of Aiwass).

In this lecture, Vadge illustrates this path with reflections from his personal experiences.

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Vadge Moore’s musical career started in the Bay-area music scene in the 1980’s. This eventually led to his joining The Dwarves in 1988.

Vadge started creating art to express his other literary and esoteric interests via his Chthonic Force project. CF saw collaborations with cultural architects Monte Cazazza and Boyd Rice, as well as other figures who balance entertainment with controversy such as Thomas Thorn and Peter Sotos.



This year’s BLK Celebration will be held in Orlando, FL on Nov 1 & 2. For details, please click HERE

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