BLK Celebration 2019 – Michael Staley presents “Achad and the Aeon of Maat”

At BLK Celebration 2019

Michael Staley

will present

“Achad and the Aeon of Maat”


Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones) announced the Inauguration of the Aeon of Maat in April 1948. The work of Jack Parsons was moving in a similar direction shortly before this time. In the early 1970s Margaret Ingalls received Liber Pennae Praenumbra, ‘The Book of the Foreshadowing of the Feather’, cast as a communication from Maat. Some years later, Kenneth Grant expanded on this in his book Outside the Circles of Time (1980), drawing parallels between the work of Achad and that of Margaret Ingalls, and tracing links with the Amalantrah Working of 1918.

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In this talk, Michael Staley looks back at Achad’s development and output, tracing the emergence of a current which takes in his work with Crowley as his ‘Magical Son’, his discovery of the Key to The Book of the Law, his divergence and subsequent estrangement from Crowley, and his work in the Universal Brotherhood, culminating in the incoming of the Aeon of Maat. He goes on to consider the relevance of this current today.

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The Incoming of the Aeon of Maat:

Correspondence between Frater Charles Stansfeld Jones, Gerald Yorke, and others, 1948-49

will be published this year from Starfire. Click HERE for details.

Michael Staley

Michael Staley

Michael Staley is the founder of Starfire Publishing. He knew Kenneth Grant for more than forty years, becoming his publisher in the mid 1990s, and across a number of years republished the Typhonian Trilogies in new editions.

Michael lives in north-west London with his wife Caroline Wise.



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BLK Celebration 2018 – Servants of the Star & the Snake North American Launch

Starfire Publishing, The Occult Bookstore and Black Lotus Kult proudly present the North American launch party for

Servants of the Star & the Snake.

Compiled and edited by Henrik Bogdan, Servants of the Star & the Snake is a collection of eighteen essays exploring the work of Kenneth and Steffi Grant.

  • Kenneth Grant: Servant-Satguru-Savant, by Martin P. Starr;
  • From Zos-Kia to the As-If: Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare, by Michael Staley;
  • Advaita Vedanta in the Works of Kenneth Grant, by Henrik Bogdan;
  • Kenneth Grant and Lord Kusum Haranath, by Ruth Bauer;
  • From Central Africa to the Mauve Zone: Gerald Massey’s Influence on Kenneth Grant’s Idea of the Typhonian Tradition, by Christian Giudice;
  • Lam and the Typhonian Tradition, by Michael Staley;
  • Inside Outer Space, by Kyle Fite;
  • The Other Woman: Babalon and the Scarlet Woman in Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, by Manon Hedenborg-White;
  • The Nuclear Art of Steffi Grant, by Henrik Bogdan;
  • The Art of Darkness: Kenneth Grant and the Unity of the Soul, by Vadge Moore;
  • Kenneth Grant and Maat, by Nema;
  • Clarity versus Weirdness: A Vital Tension Within Magical Culture, by Ramsey Dukes;
  • Foundations of the Typhonian Trilogies, by Michael Staley;
  • Beyond Crowley: The Foundations of Sexual Magick, by Jan Fries;
  • Evocation of the Fire Snake: Kenneth Grant and Tantra, by Henrik Bogdan;
  • The Magic in Fiction, by Alistair Coombs;
  • The Role of H. P. Lovecraft in the Work of Kenneth Grant, by Stephen Dziklewicz;
  • Shakti in Chinatown, by Michael Bertiaux.


This launch event occurs during the BLK Celebration weekend, and is part of The Occult Bookstore’s Centennial celebration. All copies purchased at this event will include a signed and numbered certificate. Book contributors, including Michael Staley and Michael Bertiaux, will be present to sign copies.

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