BLK Celebration 2019 – Michael Staley presents “Achad and the Aeon of Maat”

At BLK Celebration 2019

Michael Staley

will present

“Achad and the Aeon of Maat”


Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones) announced the Inauguration of the Aeon of Maat in April 1948. The work of Jack Parsons was moving in a similar direction shortly before this time. In the early 1970s Margaret Ingalls received Liber Pennae Praenumbra, ‘The Book of the Foreshadowing of the Feather’, cast as a communication from Maat. Some years later, Kenneth Grant expanded on this in his book Outside the Circles of Time (1980), drawing parallels between the work of Achad and that of Margaret Ingalls, and tracing links with the Amalantrah Working of 1918.

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In this talk, Michael Staley looks back at Achad’s development and output, tracing the emergence of a current which takes in his work with Crowley as his ‘Magical Son’, his discovery of the Key to The Book of the Law, his divergence and subsequent estrangement from Crowley, and his work in the Universal Brotherhood, culminating in the incoming of the Aeon of Maat. He goes on to consider the relevance of this current today.

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The Incoming of the Aeon of Maat:

Correspondence between Frater Charles Stansfeld Jones, Gerald Yorke, and others, 1948-49

will be published this year from Starfire. Click HERE for details.

Michael Staley

Michael Staley

Michael Staley is the founder of Starfire Publishing. He knew Kenneth Grant for more than forty years, becoming his publisher in the mid 1990s, and across a number of years republished the Typhonian Trilogies in new editions.

Michael lives in north-west London with his wife Caroline Wise.



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Cults of the Shadow!

Starfire Publishing has produced many fantastic works over the last quarter century, with a focus on the Typhonian tradition. First published in 1986, Starfire Journal has been the official voice of the Typhonian Order (previously known as the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis), and has shed light on many of the ideas brought forth in Kenneth Grant’s writings.

Starfire Journal, Volume I, Issues 1-5

Starfire Journal, Volume I, Issues 1-5

With Beyond the Mauve Zone (1999) and The Ninth Arch (2002), Starfire completed the final volumes of Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies. Starting in 2008, they then began to reprint enhanced editions of the previous out-of-print titles in this series; Outside the Circles of Time (2008), The Magical Revival (2009), and Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God (2013). Now comes the announcement of Cults of the Shadow, due this summer.

Although Grant’s works are all amazing, Cults holds a special place to many as their introductory vehicle into the wondrous world of Michael Bertiaux. This title explores Left Hand Path systems and histories, and looks into their manifestation in the works of Bertiaux, Aleister Crowley, Charles Stanfeld Jones and Austin Osman Spare. As with all Starfire reprints of Grant’s work, this will be an “enhanced” edition, with a new typeset, errata from the previous version within the text and notes taken from Grant’s personal copy included. In addition, these new versions have seen new art, interesting endpapers and, when possible, newly photographed versions of the original art. Many plates which were originally presented in black and white are now in colour. Fulgur Esoterica‘s presentations of Michael Bertiaux’s art speak volumes to the importance of colour in examining his work, and we feel many will be amazed when comparing the plates between new and old versions of Cults.

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While on the subject of such things, some were caught sleeping at the pace of Starfire’s republication schedule, and a few of the much sought after deluxe copies of Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God are still available. We have nearly every Starfire deluxe in the BLK Library, and while all are spectacular, this volume really matches the physical object well to the content of the book.

AC&THG Deluxe

AC&THG Deluxe

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Starfire has also posted a link to Living Traditions Magazine‘s review of  Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God at