BLK Celebration 2022 Speaker – Dr. Christian Giudice presents Drinking from Hecate’s Fountain

Our annual Black Lotus Kult Celebration will return this 5, Nov in London, where we will proudly present

One Beyond Ten

A Celebration of the works of Kenneth and Steffi Grant


We are happy to announce Dr. Christian Giudice will return to BLK Celebration to present

Drinking from Hecate’s Fountain:

Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies and the Fusion Between Literature and Practiced Magic 


In this talk, Dr. Giudice will attempt to situate occultist and author Kenneth Grant and his peculiar blend of fictional occultism, represented by Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies (1972-2002) as one of the most recent practitioners, chronologically speaking, to blur the lines between literary fiction and magical practice. After a brief introduction to Grant’s occult system, Dr. Giudice will draw examples of the blurring of the lines between fiction and practice from his Trilogies, focusing on the text richest in examples of such experiments in fiction: Hecate’s Fountain. Through these examples, a general theory of Grant’s employment of instances of fiction and practiced magic, to constantly keep the reader in a liminal state of consciousness, will be attempted, with particular attention devoted to the British occultist’s use of ufology as a novel instrument to achieve his aims. By employing an old literary device, which he had certainly recognized as being used by previous occultists of the nineteenth and twentieth century, and enhancing it by using novel themes such as the Lovecraft mythos and extraterrestrial entities, Grant has succeeded in creating a vibrant mélange, where, once again, the lines between fiction and reality are constantly being negotiated.


Chris Giudice is an independent scholar, who has lectured widely on subjects ranging from 19th and 20th century occultism, to psychedelic new religious movements, to occultism in politics and avant-garde cinema. Having obtained a BA in Classics from the University of Oxford, he went on to achieve an MA in Western esotericism at the University of Exeter and a PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Gothenburg. For ten years he was the lead singer of eso-neofolk band The Green Man, publishing 3 albums and 1 ep and touring extensively across Europe. His latest book Occult Imperium – Arturo Reghini, Roman Traditionalism, and the Anti-Modern Reaction in Fascist Italy was published by Oxford Univeristy Press as part of their Oxford Studies in Western Esotericism series. Find it HERE

We will converge on 5 November in Camden Town  for an evening of discussions on aspects of and experiences with the Typhonian Current.

Due to venue considerations, the event’s location will not be published, and will be sent to those wishing to attend as demand or space allows. Please send an email to for specifics if you wish to attend.

Starfire is republishing the Typhonian Trilogies, and you can find those currently available HERE

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