BLK Celebration 2019 – Thee Process is Thee Product

Various wares for you to purchase. All proceeds go to warping minds, subjugating the nation’s youth, recreational vice-stuff and very likely sparkles to affix to bellydance clothing.

We also have cats to feed.

(Knew you’d be pleased)

All items are limited edition, and will never be made again.

BLK MC Kindle


BLK Celebration 2019 Limited Edition Prints


Limited to just 20 copies, this thick card-stock print features a stunning colour picture of Kindle Cimmerian. Each print is individually numbered.

Price – $10


BLK Celebration Limited Edition Posters


Limited to 50 copies, these 11×17 glossy posters feature the GODLIKE artwork and design by Hagen von Tulien. Each has a rear-affixed numbered edition label.

Price – $5


The BLK MC Shirt

If you are going to join a Kult, do it in style!!!


This is the Black Lotus Kult Motorcycle Klub T-shirt as seen presently on the streets of Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, Chicago, Tokyo, Gothenburg, Berlin and elsewhere.

The remaining stock of the Seattle shirts (1 left in stock) and Chicago shirts (only 15 left in stock) will be available at the BLK 2019 on a first-come basis.



We will also see the premier of the BLK Orlando MC shirt, which will be offered in a HIGHLY limited quantity!

BLK MC Orlando

Price – $25


BLK Celebration “A Decadent Decade” Tanktop

This is our 10th BLK Celebration, and we offer this shirt to commemorate this very decadent decade

These will come in  VERY limited Edition styles;

Tri-Blend racerback with charcoal logo on a vintage purple shirt, and a cotton racerback semi-fitted contoured silhouette with side seam with white logo on black shirt.


Both feature the BLK Celebration “Decadent Decade logo designed by Hagen von Tulien

Price – $25


Black Lotus Kult Ladies’ Racerback Tank

Ladies’ vintage black, soft tri-blend racerback tank top featuring “Black Lotus Kult” in silver metallic lettering across the top, with the BLK logo designed by Hagen Von Tulien on the bottom right corner hip.  


Price – $25


Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis Pendants

EGS Pendant

Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis created a pendant to commemorate their first meeting of the Synod of Bishops of the 21st Century, which took place in Chicago during BLK Celebration weekend there in 2018. Unfortunately, these became temporarily lost in the mail, and did not make it in time for the event.

EGS jewel1

We’re going to take these to the BLK Celebration 2019 – Orlando, FL event to offer to those who missed out the first time.

EGS jewel

Each were personally blessed in the season of Lent 2018 by Michael Bertiaux with assistance from Tau Nicodemus and Tau Oma Iadnamad in Chicago, IL.

Hand-finished in open-backed sterling silver encasing their symbol, which is laid into a synthetic amethyst, these pendants are strictly limited to just 20 pieces.

Price – $300


The BLK Propaganda Device

BLK Decal

The Black Lotus Kult logo designed by Hagen von Tulien, screen-printed on a 4”x 4” high-quality vinyl decal. This is the last of the run of these limited edition items.

Price – $4.93 each or 2 for $6.66


Black Lotus Kult All Saints Amulets!

All Saints 2

The first wave of an intended small edition of these were released in 2013. The edition was never completed due to the death of legendary jewelry designer Mark Defrates.

hagen 1

Photo by Hagen von Tulien


Each of these sterling silver amulets are handmade, one of a kind items. Mark pasted the design onto sheet, drilled and cut them out using non-powered tools, and then stamped with hand punches and worked the piece with files and small tools. To finish, the bail was hard-soldered, and then they were given a hand-polish. It was very labor-intensive compared to letting a computer and machine do it, but this is what Mark and his wife demanded to ensure the quality they desired.

The design is based on Hagen von Tulien’s stunning “Black Lotus Kult” artwork. Each of these pendants were personally charged by Michael Bertiaux, and given a blessing by him of “Love, Joy and Prosperity” for the new owner. These were then charged in a “Typhonian Tantric” ritual by Black Lotus Kult, and further blessed in a mass of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis.



In respect to Mark, these will never be reproduced by another jeweler, thus is is the only edition of this artwork.

Price – $999 


Servants of the Star & the Snake – Launch Event Copies

SSS Book


A North American launch copy of Servants of the Star & the Snake will be available. The launch event occurred as during the BLK Celebration 2018 weekend at Occult Bookstore’s Centennial Celebration.

All copies include a signed and numbered certificate, and contain 2-3 signatures from book contributors.

Price – $50


BLK Celebration will be held this Nov 1 & 2 in Orlando, FL at the ME Theatre
There are a variety of tickets available from $15-$500
Nov 1st – Lectures to stimulate the heart and soul.
Nov 2nd – “GODLIKE” – An evening of evocative entertainment.
On both days, there will be artists and vendors present, as well as a selling exhibition of Michael Bertiaux‘s work.

Tickets on sale NOW at –

Follow here for details and please let us know you are coming at