Happy Halloween – A new Michael Bertiaux Video…

“The Ophidian Shiva-Set-Saturn”


“Black Snake ‘Guede – Nibbho'”.

This painting has been featured in Kenneth Grant’s books, as well as in various Fulgur Esoterica publications.

It was used for ritual purposes by the Hyde Park Lodge (see fulgur.co.uk/books/michael-bertiaux/ontological-graffiti for more on this).

The Hyde Park Lodge decided it should not go outside of their control, due to its ability to cause change on people close to it (for better or worse, depending on the person’s character).

Hagen von Tulien’s Occult Psaligraphy

Hagen von Tulien’s much-anticipated title Occult Psaligraphy is due next month from publisher Ouroboros Press. We have added an artist profile and interview to mark the occasion.

Click HERE to view.

Hagen von Tulien

Hagen von Tulien