BLK Celebration 2022 Speaker – Ariock Van de Voorde presents London Calling

Our annual Black Lotus Kult Celebration will return this 5, Nov in London, where we will proudly present

One Beyond Ten

A Celebration of the works of Kenneth and Steffi Grant


At BLK Celebration 2022, Ariock Van de Voorde will present

 London Calling

Books can change lives, and a copy of Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God found in a public library certainly did just that for Ariock Van de Voorde. He later opened an occult bookstore where Kenneth Grant’s titles were always featured, and where he founded a ritual collective loosely based on the Nu Isis Lodge.

AC and HG

Years later, Ariock co-founded Black Lotus Kult, which he runs with Kindle Cimmerian and Hagen von Tulien under the guidance of Michael Bertiaux. At this year’s BLK Celebration, Ariock will discuss his personal history with work in the Typhonian Current leading to the phone call he received regarding Kenneth Grant’s death 10 years ago, and where we go next on this journey.


Ariock is a musician and writer currently living in the Mid-South region of the United States. Is a co-founder and director of Ophidian art collective Black Lotus Kult, and is a contributor to several books, journals and audio recordings under his own name, and under the occasional alternate nom de guerre.

Ariock is currently working on music albums with Black Lotus Kult, on a Bertiaux art/music collaboration with the reunited Wendy is Starting At Me, and on a collaboration with artist Charlie Martineau. His primary current writing projects include a book about Esoteric Zen and the Cosmic Dante Current and a short work on experience with the entity LAM.

He wants it known that his dog is better than yours.


We will converge on 5 November in Camden Town  for an evening of discussions on aspects of and experiences with the Typhonian Current.

Due to venue considerations, the event’s location will not be published, and will be sent to those wishing to attend as demand or space allows. Please send an email to for specifics if you wish to attend.

Starfire is republishing the Typhonian Trilogies, and you can find those currently available HERE

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