BLK Celebration 2022 Speaker – Michael Staley presents The Magical Universe

Our annual Black Lotus Kult Celebration will return this 5, Nov in London, where we will proudly present

One Beyond Ten

A Celebration of the works of Kenneth and Steffi Grant


We are pleased to announce that Michael Staley will once again be joining us and giving a lecture – 

The Magical Universe

Writing in Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant remarked: “. . . each individual must create his own magical universe and, by a kind of oneiric perichoresis, evolve his own qabalah and manifest his own truth (maat).”

The Magical Universe is our understanding of the world, our vision of reality, and how we communicate with it. It is something which develops with experience. We take inspiration from a variety of sources, transmuting it through the catalyst of our magical and mystical experience to distil an innate body of work. In this fashion our Magical Universe emerges. In this talk, Michael further discusses the significance of the Magical Universe, drawing on his own experience, as well as referencing the work of others, amongst them Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley.

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Michael Staley has been fascinated by the occult for as long as he can remember, and is particularly steeped in Thelema and Advaita Vedanta. Publishing the first issue of Starfire in 1986, he subsequently expanded it into Starfire Publishing, issuing Kenneth Grant’s work from the late 1990s, as well as books concerning Austin Osman Spare and Charles Stansfeld Jones. His most recent task has been the reprinting of the Typhonian Trilogies. To find out more about Starfire Publishing, click HERE

Michael Staley

Michael Staley

We will converge on 5 November in Camden Town  for an evening of discussions on aspects of and experiences with the Typhonian Current.

Due to venue considerations, the event’s location will not be published, and will be sent to those wishing to attend as demand or space allows. Please send an email to HERE for specifics if you wish to attend.

Starfire is republishing the Typhonian Trilogies, and you can find those currently available HERE

Black Lotus Kult

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