BLK Celebration 2018 – The Occult Bookstore Centennial Celebration!


The Occult Bookstore Centennial Celebration

We are excited by every BLK Celebration, but this one includes a truly once in a lifetime event.

For this celebration, please join us and our partners from The Occult Bookstore, as they are celebrating their 100th year of operations.

In 1918, D.G. Nelson first opened a store dedicated to the mysteries of life. 100 years later, this same establishment is staffed with skilled and experienced practitioners who live to served their Community.

We sincerely wish that you can join us in celebration this December as we look back, and forward at The Occult Bookstore!


Events include:

 * The North American launch of Starfire Publishing’s Servants of the Star & the Snake, including a talk from Starfire Publisher Michael Staley.


* A book signing of Servants of the Star & the Snake with Michael Staley, Michael Bertiaux and other contributors.

* Entertainment by Marcus Broderick Montgomery and Kindle Cimmerian.


Marcus Broderick Montgomery

Kindle Record

Kindle Cimmerian

* A special Q&A/AMA with Michael Bertiaux, Starfire Publishing and Black Lotus Kult!

DSCN3228 - Copy

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