Michael Bertiaux article and interview in Abraxas #5

Abraxas 5

Abraxas 5

Abraxas – International Journal of Exoteric Studies is a collaboration between Treadwells Bookshop and Fulgur Esoterica which presents the best words and images of the international esoteric movement in a high quality printed format. 

Issue 5 has been announced today, and is available for pre-order. It offers 180 pages of “essays, poetry, interviews and art”. Some of these pages include, “Meeting Le Maître: An Introduction to the Art of Michael Bertiaux”, a contribution by Ariock of Black Lotus Kult, concerning our friend and teacher Michael Bertiaux. This work is focused on presenting biographic information concerning Michael’s art, followed by a brief interview. It is packed with full-colour photos of Michael’s paintings and of his studio, all presented in the exceptional Abraxas standard.

Both the paperback and hardcover version are limited editions, with the hardcover being an edition of just 300 deluxe volumes (black cloth sewn hardback w/dust jacket,  gold-stamped design by Panos Tsagaris, and an original s/n print by Bea Kwan Lim).

Publisher’s info;

“Printed using state-of-the-art offset lithography to our usual high standard, contributions for Abraxas #5 include an interview by Pam Grossman with Greek artist, Panos Tsagaris; an analysis of Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas by Silvia Urbini, a visual interpretation of the Dionysian mysteries by Arrington de Dionyso; a substantial essay from Shasha Chaitow on the grandfather of esoteric art, Joséphin Péladan; an introduction to the art of Michael Bertiaux by Ariock Van de Voorde; reminiscences by Caroline Wise of her friend Olivia Robertson (1917-2013), and much more…”

To order, or for more information, see http://fulgur.co.uk/shop/abraxas/issue-5/

Michael Bertiaux at Work in his studio.

Michael Bertiaux at Work in his studio.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day from your favourite LOVE KULT!


The Black Lotus Kult "LOVE KULT" design by Hagen von Tulien

The Black Lotus Kult “LOVE KULT” design by Hagen von Tulien

We are hard at work this year with new music, writing and performances all in the works, and a some interviews thrown in for good measure.

In the meantime, we wanted to stop to tell you that we love you.

To death.


LOVE 2.0

After a last-second call to fill in at January’s Alauda show at the Skylark West Seattle (where she performed to the Soulsavers “Paper Money“), Kindle’s next big performance will be at the second run of the Crazy Little Thing Called Love show…

Promising to take you “From the darkest depths of betrayal to the highest highs of a new romance”, Rebel Belly Productions‘ ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ is hitting the stage for a second run this weekend at the Columbia City Theater. Kindle of Black Lotus Kult will be performing to the music of COIL, The Magnetic Fields, and Elliott Smith. In the first run, she wowed the audience with two distinct sets in the two acts, with many onlookers not realizing they were witnessing the same performer. See her, and many other incredibly talented performers THIS SUNDAY!

Performances by:
Elizabeth Dennis, Katana, Kat Ross, Kindle Cimmerian, Maysun Riya, Medea, Monica Schierbaum, Muna Rain, Shimmy Sister Kate, Sierra Bloom, Somni (Letty Limbach & Sarah Kate Moore), Vibha Srinivasan, and Wisteria

More info on the event Facebook page HERE

Tickets on Brown Paper Tickets site HERE


  To close our year, we are clearing out our stock of wares by having a BLK Friday sale.

Most of these items are of a VERY limited edition (as in, we only have a handful of each to offer). They go to whoever hops first, and when they are gone they will not be reprinted.

Sale prices last until 30 Dec. We accept Paypal for payments. Please contact us via our Facebook Page or this site with the items you wish to purchase and your email address. We will confirm item availability and send a Paypal invoice. Shipping is $5 USD in the USA and $10 USD for the rest of the world.


The BLK MC Shirt

If you are going to join a Kult, do it in style!!!

BLK MC Kindle

This is the Black Lotus Kult Motorcycle Klub T-shirt as seen presently on the streets of Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, Chicago, Tokyo, Gothenburg and Berlin. Previously only available at BLK live events, we have less than 20 of this first-print limited edition left.

Sizes presently available are S, L, XL, & XXL.

Price $30 $20

Shirt 1 Shirt 2


“BLK Celebration LOVE KULT” Print


Based on the design of Hagen von Tulien and incorporating the “BLK Love Kult” logo, these prints measure 11.25″ x 17.3″ and are printed on premium poster card stock. Each is individually hand-numbered and signed, and include the BLK Library Stamp and a Black Lotus Kult Propaganda Decal. These were of an edition limited to just 20 that were meant to go to the 2013 BLK Celebration, however we forgot to pack half of them when leaving for the event, and they thus remained slumbering in a box.

Waiting for you, evidently.

Price $50 $20 (PLUS, while supplies last, each will include a BLK WWII test print free. See below.)


The BLK WWII Print (Test Printing Edition)

Calm BLKBy Her Majesty’s special request, to help raise morale during mass-bombings, the BLK Library issued this limited edition print. Although it quickly sold out, we have a handful of test prints available.

Size 11.26″ x 17.26″ on Premium Poster Card Stock.

Price $15 $5 Each or FREE (while supplies last) with the purchase of a “BLK Celebration” print (see above).


The BLK Propaganda Device

BLK DecalThe Black Lotus Kult logo designed by Hagen von Tulien, screen-printed on a vinyl decal.

Size 4”x4” high-quality vinyl

Price is USD $6.66 $5.00 for two FIVE decals.

New Orleans

New Orleans





If you happen to see one of these while out and about, send us a photo and we will post it on the BLK Library Facebook page


BLK Bundle

IMG_9482One XL BLC MC Shirt

One BLK Celebration Love Kult Print

One BLK WWII Print

10 BLK Propaganda Device decals

And some special bonus items form the BLK Library.

There is only ONE Bundle available – Price is $50 USD



Every order comes with an invite to the 2013 BLK Celebration. Of course, the 2013 BLK Celebration has already occurred, but don’t let that stop you from getting excited. This year’s event was held at Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle, and required a printed invite to attend the performance and ritual portion of the evening. The only issue with this plan was that the invites did not arrive from the printer until the day AFTER the event took place.

This is a souvenir of ineptitude for your enjoyment.


We wanted to add a note that we are down to our last few Black Lotus Kult All Saints Amulets.

Photo by Hagen von Tulien

Photo by Hagen von Tulien

  These beautiful items, based on Hagen’s BLK design, were personally blessed by Michael Bertiaux.

For details on this item, please click HERE

Black Lotus Kult Amulets

On the day of the Festival of the Ancestors, 1 November 2013, we announce the availability of the Limited Edition

Black Lotus Kult All Saints Amulet.1

The design is based on Hagen von Tulien’s stunning “Black Lotus Kult” artwork. Starting Lent Season this year, each of these pendants were personally charged by Archbishop Michael Bertiaux, and given a blessing by him of “Love, Joy and Prosperity” for the new owner. These were then charged in a “Typhonian Tantric” ritual by Black Lotus Kult, and further blessed in a mass of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis.


Each of these sterling silver amulets are handmade, one of a kind items. The artist pasted the design onto sheet, drilled and cut them out using non-powered tools, and then stamped with hand punches and worked the piece with files and small tools. To finish, the bail is hard-soldered, and then they were given a hand-polish. It is very labor-intensive compared to letting a computer and machine do it, but worth it in the end as each piece is unique and meant to last beyond a lifetime.


Net proceeds from this limited offering will go to fund a future Bertiaux/BLK co-production (tentatively in Seattle 2015) and also provide some help for Seattle Humane and Alley Cat Allies (two animal charities).  Each amulet comes with a box, bag, “Prayer Card”, BLK Certificate of Authenticity, and two BLK decals. Purchasers will be credited with a note of thanks in printed or web materials related to the project.


There will only be 11 of these amulets produced and offered to the public.

 All of these have been sold or reserved, please send a message to the Black Lotus Kult or BLK Library Facebook page to be placed on a waiting list in the event of an unpurchased reserved piece becomes available.